what toys do hedgehogs like to play with

what toys do hedgehogs like to play with

Toys. Hedgehogs and are like small children in that they can turn ordinary household items into a favorite toy. One must carefully inspect every cage addition or play item for small detachable parts and sharp edges the same as you would for a young child. May 17,  · Ok so im getting a hedgehog soon for the first time and am wondering what toys are good for them like what do they like to play with and like the best.. Pictures of some nice toys would be very useful to! THANK YOU! Jun 26,  · Also, cat toys like the balls with bells in them amuse hedgehogs. Another idea would be to get a really big hamster ball if you can, make sure the hedgehog is under supervision. Hedgehogs love to play! P.S. the toys shouldn't have loose parts, sharp edges, and large enough so it Status: Open. Do Hedgehogs Play with Toys? In times where everybody has to be original and stand out with something unique and different, having a pet does not mean having a furry cat or an energetic dog anymore. People start owning the most unusual animals that you would never imagine living in a cage. Mar 11,  · what kind of toys can my pet hedgehogs play with can they play with foam cat balls n plastic cat balls do they like toys with rattles in or a babble ball something like this Plastic Jingle Ball n Ferplast Soft Foam Ball Cat Play Toy Ball n Trixie Rainbow Balls n PK 6 Cats Playing Balls Pets Cats Kittens Playtime Ball n Crinkle Balls cat kitten toys 4 pack n spikey cat toys n plush balls n Status: Open. Jun 08,  · Some owners like giving their hedgehogs solid rubber balls, rawhide chew toys, and other semi-indestructible children’s toys. Be creative, and have fun watching your hedgehog play to see which toys are the biggest hit. Hedgehogs love to play and are very skilled at turning everyday objects into toys. Some of the best hedgehog toys are toilet paper rolls and small balls, as they love to push and drag them around. Hedgehogs also like tunneling and exploring, so including different climbing structures and larger tubes is also a good idea. Jul 23,  · Play soft music in the background. Some hedgehogs, particularly males, do not like having their face and 'eyebrow quills' touched. Like dogs or cats, hedgehogs may enjoy treats like scrambled eggs, veggies, or fruits. Hedgehogs are nocturnal, meaning they are most active at night. This would be a good time to bond with your hedgehog%(17).

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Remember to always check for loose threads or damaged fabric because a loose thread could easily wrap around a leg and cut off circulation. When it comes to playing with toys, they are definitely not like cats or dogs. You can use a bonding pouch that is used for carrying sugar gliders with your hedgehog as well. When you do hold him, he is likely to ball up or hiss at you. What are some pets that a child five years old could take care completely on their own? Your hedgehog may change if you continue to be patient and try to bond with him.

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This could be an extraordinarily painful situation for you! Madisen Blevins. If your hedgehog likes a new scent, he may begin to anoint i. An explorer will like walking on your hands. Hedgies also love hoodie pockets. What toys are good for hedgehogs?

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And remember that treating them well will only make them wish for your company, so even a dress-up session or a bath in the sink will make them become really playful. Just be sure this is perfectly fine, as long as toys do not have loose strings or pieces. What pets do you have? I had one hedgehog that was so addicted to tubing that she would sleep with the tube on her head. Caution should be noted, however. If your hedgehog is crying, he may be scared, in pain, cold, or hungry. Yahoo Answers.

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