total war warhammer how to play empire

total war warhammer how to play empire

An effective method to destroy the enemy, if you have cavalry units, is to engage them with your cannon fodder/tar pit (low level infantry that's cheap to replace and can take a beating for a while), then hit them with the back with a cavalry charge. Lather, rinse, Total War: WARHAMMER Wiki. May 25,  · So i have tried all the factions and i enjoy them all and did pretty good except for empire. I feel like my tactics are completely wrong as i work better with the orks and vampires when i just play really aggressive. Jun 04,  · How to Play Total War Warhammer Empire Faction: Tips and Strategies The Empire is one of the most balanced faction in the game. It not only Author: Arslan Tufail. Empire Campaign Efficiency Guide. Most battles you may auto-res, except at start when you need to mind your precious few units, and at end when beating chaos is hard, and at several big battles in between. Auto-res gives you decent odds. Your army is mainly spearmen front, a few swordsmen at flanks, crossbowmen back.

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Even if your troops suffered casualties don't worry, it was well worth it. Select Karl Franz and attack Averheim again. Other secondary objectives, like Bloodpine and taking settlements, are great. The way I handled the 2 decisive battles vs Chaos : A major worry is hellcanons, who have homing missiles and take out a unit in hits. AI will generally match your army width and wont respond to the expansion at equal speed, so they will end up bunched and less effective. Say you attack an army of similar theoretical strength and get a Pyrrhic victory, with similar casualties for both sides.

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Welcome Please register for Total War Access to use the forums. AI more ordered movement, or even just 1 warhounds unit guarding the hellcanons, would have negated that tactic. After a short while enemy reinforcements will arrive from the south. Rebel armies grow every turn, and public order improves by Spearmen more than swordsmen — because your main advantage quality-wise is the lords, and you want prolonged fighting time. Usually AI army will siege at least 1 turn before trying to conquer a walled settlement capital or special building even if they have the units to breach the walls, though thats not an absolute.

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Once you fight your way onto the wall or climb in undefended section, run into the boardwalk behind the wall itself — dont just give attack order or you will get bottlenecked to death. Team up with all, crush the chaos armies and then go for the vampire counts. Battle for Helmgart takes place in a dense forest - use the trees to your advantage. Change language. This is an ability, not a spell - it won't cost you any Winds of Magic points to use.

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