should an 8 year old play call of duty

should an 8 year old play call of duty

Nov 13,  · Do you have an 11 year old and 13 year old son and they play Destiny but want to get Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 because an older cousin came and showed it to them? Do both of them play this game at friend's houses and use that as a reason to buy the game? Well I am the answer!4/5. Nov 10,  · Should I buy my eight-year old Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2? Definitely, my little brother who is also 8 enjoys playing any Call Of Duty game. I believe there is also an option in the game where it will tell you when some parts are going to be really graphic, and allows you to skip them. Can a 13 year old play call of duty modern Status: Open. Kid Gaming: How Young is Too Young to Play Games Like Call of Duty? The fact that someone would let a 9 year old play a game like that (who is at most in what the 3 rd grade?) just seems reckless. Shouldn’t we all think that intense games like this will affect the way a Author: Jason Williams. Largely, it depends on the standing of the parents on whether or not their 9 year old should play Call of Duty or not. It should also be noted that the modern Call of Duty series is rated "M" for. Mar 29,  · Primary school headteachers have warned parents who allow their children to play video games such as Call Of Duty and Grand Theft Auto will be .

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You can turn off gore, violence, language, other player's emblems, and disable the ability to speak to strangers. Adult Written by harleyf February 18, A Poor Choice of Rating My wife bought this game for my son when he was I told my kid that he could have the game but only if he plays multiplayer. Adult Written by Movieboy November 10, Parent of a 13 and 14 year old Written by Tracy J. Had useful details 1.

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She seemed to act very mature about it and only played it after homework. Why would they make a sport not everyone could watch? Answers Relevance. Common Sense says Violent but exciting shooter takes bold new step for series. Totally fine. But this game does have mild violence and swearing, but most of the fights are with robots so that tunes the gore down.

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Who old are Call of Duty games? I was reluctant to let my 12 year old son play Call of duty because it was rated M. I won't tell you what to think about this game, it is your choice if you think it is appropriate. I haven't played the zombie part of the game yet but I expect that it will be censored in the same way as the campaign. But the type of things that our kids are exposed to today its nothing that they do see or hear about today. Well I am the answer! Play Call of Duty. When I got it for him he was always hugging me and saying he loved me.

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should an 8 year old play call of duty
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