my cat plays in his litter box

my cat plays in his litter box

Cats, by nature, prefer to bury their waste to prevent other animals from detecting their presence through its scent. For the indoor cat, that means you need to provide it with a litter box and litter. Litter Box Selection. The typical recommendation is one litter box for each cat in your household. If you have one cat, then you need one litter box. Marking Territory. If you have multiple cats, your cat may be rolling in his litter box to mark his territory. Your cat secretes his scent through the sides of his head and along his tail. He then rubs this scent into the litter box to tell other cats it belongs to him. I want to make sure she's well-trained so I can begin the process of letting her out of the room unattended, but I also don't want to encourage her to play in the litter box and make a mess. It's been a while since I had a kitten. My other cat is very well-behaved, but I can't remember how he was trained; it was about 14 years ago. If your cat always kicks litter out of his litterbox, consider getting one with higher sides. Or you can make your cat a larger litterbox by using a large plastic storage box with high sides (the ones I use are about 12 inches high) and cutting an opening in one side to allow easy access. A cat who is under stress from the addition of a new animal, such as a second cat, may sit in the litter box to claim it as his own and prevent the other cat from using the box. The cat may also stay in the litter box for safety if he feels threatened by another cat or dog. Mar 04,  · My 8 month old cat, whom I've had since he was 2 months old, recently started playing in the litter box. He'll go in there, do his stuff, bury the poop or pee and then continue to scratch around. We have a lid over the box so it's extra annoying to hear his claws on the Open. Sep 02,  · You cat may poop everywhere except the litter box, such as near the back door, the front door, on the floor, etc. There can be two main things behind why your cat is pooping outside the litter box. Quite simply, either there is something wrong with your cat or something is wrong with your cat’s litter box.5/5(3). Why Is My Cat Scratching The Litter Box? Itching to understand your cat’s litter-scratching behavior? As puzzling as it may be, some cats simply enjoy digging and playing in their litter boxes. Most of the time, this is normal. But sometimes scratching in the litter box becomes excessive. Before you pop in the earplugs, consider that.

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But now sometimes when I'm near the litter box, she'll jump in it and roll around or hang out. Treating your cat for fleas or just giving her a good brushing every now and again may stop her from continuing this action. Find a Veterinarian Near First, they may inspect the litter material. One of the craziest things she used to do was roll around in the freshly changed litter boxes immediately after I finished cleaning and refilling them. Sometimes I think he does it just because he is bored, since he is an indoors cat. Rating Newest Oldest.

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This Site Might Help You. Every once in a while I get a foster kitty who thinks litter boxes make great toys. Again, this is mostly your preference. However, for larger cats the cover may make it awkward for them to maneuver around and sufficiently bury their waste. Dec 17, 5. How can I get my cat more friendly?

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Cat playing in litter box? Also, maybe put the litter box somewhere other than the kitchen, that just seems like a weird place to have a stinky cat box. Thank you for subscribing. Or you can make your cat a larger litterbox by using a large plastic storage box with high sides the ones I use are about 12 inches high and cutting an opening in one side to allow easy access. The sides are still high enough to keep in the litter. If you have one box for every two cats, that should be sufficient, provided they are scooped often at least twice a day. Question is what is the reason my cat has messed up ribcage I got from shelter a week ago and I took to a vet for free examination day after?

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