my cat is bored but won t play

my cat is bored but won t play

Dec 16,  · 7 year old cat is bored but won't play. I'm at my wits' end. submitted 4 years ago by idonothavepenisenvy. I just took this stray cat home, and she's adapted pretty nicely to living indoors. Try one of these, it's self play and attached to a scratcher. My cat loves it. He's also fond of straws (just the sound of the straw or the straw jar. Apr 09,  · Is YOUR cat bored? Consider your home environment. Is it cat friendly? Are there lots of things for your cat to do, play with, and watch? Consider the things cats enjoy and if you have them in your home. Evaluate your cats’ environment. How to Prevent Cat Boredom. Mar 14,  · My cat Xena is around 14 years old and plays just a little. Age related I suppose. I don't play like I used to either. She did play a lot when she was younger. My Boney Girl, showed up here as a young abandoned stray and never really played much at all. Nov 26,  · Cats need stimulation; without it they get bored and then depressed. Here are some ideas: * You should take at least 10 minutes every day to actively play with your cat. Invest in a set of toys that you keep hidden and rotate them so they appear. My kitten isn't actively playing is there something wrong? King Boo Hoo (I'm a bit of a rescue buff) and I don't think any two cats had a same 'favorite' toy. One cat won't care about a jingle ball, but will go nuts over a feather on a string. My advice is to go to a pet store, and get a bunch of cheap toys. hell my cat loves to play. Sep 11,  · I've also heard that sometimes cats get motivated to play when they see other cats playing with toys, but that hasn't worked either. He just will stare at Cody playing the whole time, but won't make any moves toward the toy. I'm really feeling guilty that he's so bored all of the time.

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Cat won't play with toys even though he's bored Discussion in ' Cat Behavior ' started by momotyler , Sep 11, I have a kitty I recently took in that doesn't like playing with me, either. Age related I suppose. PetPlace Staff 22 Feb An adult cat has outgrown the frantic play-activity of kittenhood. Anyway, the other cat who is aloof and catlike has been going outside at night, so the younger one is lonely at night and will cry and my door if it is shut.

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Consider the things cats enjoy and if you have them in your home. Visit a pet product store—or even a hobby shop—and get a package of pheasant feathers. The most important thing you can do to prevent boredom in your cat is to make sure the environment is stimulating. I'd buy her toys and she'd play with them for a week, ignore it for 2 years and now has started to play with it again. Or you can try other cheap thrills with homemade toys.

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He's also given half a can of soft food per day which he devours, and some treats for tartar control. Thank you everyone :- I took your suggestions and made some homemade toys and they worked :-D He must've gotten bored of the old toys, probably because I left them out even when we weren't playing. Accept Learn More. She did play a lot when she was younger. Crush a leaf and see if your cat reacts better to the real thing. I'm starting to get an urge to buy a cat now just to get in on the act. They told me she'd been brought in with her mother and litter, but you're right, it could be a socialization issue. Expert Cat Health and Wellness Info.

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