how to set up a chess board for play

how to set up a chess board for play

Oct 17,  · The one thing that makes setting up a chessboard easy, is all chess pieces are set up in a mirror pattern. This means where one piece is placed on the chess board, the same piece is placed on the opposite side. This is important to keep in mind when setting up the board. This also applies to each of your own chess pieces that have a double. May 31,  · Here are the steps you need to follow in order to set up a chess board correctly: Step 1: Make sure the board is in the correct position. The chess board, normally, has letters and numbers, the players should always sit on the edge of the board with the letters. wikiHow Quick Video on How to Play Chess. To set up a chess board, place all of the white pieces on one side and all of the black pieces on the other side. Your pieces should be arranged in two rows: the back row should contain all of your special pieces, and the front row should contain all of your pawns. Pawns are the short pieces, and they can only move forward, one square at a time. Chess is played on a square 8x8 board. It has a total of 64 squares. A chess board can come in different colors, but the checkered pattern always remains the same. There are always two separate colors even though it might just be frosted and non-frosted glass, if it is a glass set, or wood and black, if it is a wood set. First Things First. Setting up the board and moving the pieces is the first step in learning chess, so check out ‘Setting Up the Board and Pieces’. Then continue . Setting up the Chessboard. The game is played on a squared board divided into 64 squares, alternating from light to dark. The board is always set up so that each player has the light square on her right-hand side. (Remember: light on the right). The Queen always stands on the square of .

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The step-by-step explanation and pictures in this article were very helpful to him. Either player has the option to choose which piece they would like to move on their turn. It is important to understand a few special moves for specific pieces pawns, rooks, and the king. They are your first defense in this game. TD Thomas Dew Dec 29,

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Tags: Chess how to set up a chessboard Learn how to play chess setting up the chessboard where to place the chess pieces. The Chessmen The pieces and pawns are called chessmen. Rooks usually look like little towers in most styles of chess sets. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. The queen is usually the second-tallest piece in a chess set. Share yours!

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Placing The Knights The next pieces to be placed on the chessboard are the knights. Once your pieces are set up, you're ready to start the game. Placing the Queens. The best first move is one that allows you to attack the center and develop your pieces. Still got a long way to go!

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