how to play with a four month old baby

how to play with a four month old baby

Your Baby's Hearing, Vision, and Other Senses: 4 Months; Your Baby's Growth: 4 Months; Movement, Coordination, and Your 4- to 7-Month-Old; Sleep and Your 4- to 7-Month-Old; Communication and Your 8- to Month-Old; Your Baby's Growth: 8 Months; Sleep and Your 8- to Month-Old; Your Baby's Vision, Hearing, and Other Senses: 8 Months; Learning, Play, and Your 8- to Month-Old; Learning, . May 07,  · This is a great time to include some active belly-up play activities in your baby's play stations that involve looking down toward the chest, belly or feet. Here are some ideas: By rolling a towel to lift the hips a bit, you may be able to help your little one Author: Rachel Coley. Mar 27,  · Putting a four-month-old on her tummy for short intervals, cumulating up to an hour over the course of the day, would help in the strengthening of her back and neck muscles. You can place the baby on her tummy on a blanket and move it gradually around the Sumana Maheswari. You'll also need to make sure that no soap gets in your baby's eyes or mouth. Start by blowing a few bubbles gently towards your baby, and encourage him to reach out and catch or pop them. After he gets used to the way bubbles behave, he may be ready to play a body-parts game. Aim bubbles to land on his legs, arms, hands, tummy, and so on. Your baby’s senses at four months old. Further development of their touch. Your baby will be fascinated by anything with a texture now – crinkly, shiny, lumpy or furry. Most of the objects they touch, whatever their texture, will go straight in their mouth. Having a 5-month-old baby is fun! They are usually social, loving and active. If you want to know what development milestones to look for and get ideas on how to play with your baby, this post is for you! Oct 20,  · Fourth Month Baby Milestones: Sleep. By your baby’s fourth month, you both should be enjoying a full night’s sleep. At this age babies typically can sleep seven to eight hours in a row. Add in two naps, and baby should be sleeping a total of 14 to 16 hours a day. The average weight for a 4-month-old baby is pounds for girls and pounds for boys; the average length (aka height) is inches for girls and inches for boys. Of course that doesn’t mean your 4-month-old should weigh and measure exactly The Bump.

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There you have it. Luckily, 4-month sleep regression usually only lasts about two to six weeks. A clean muslin square will occupy your baby for a few minutes. As your baby watches the bubbles fly, they stimulate their visual sense. How to play?

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Five Senses Your 4-month-old baby is learning about the world through all his senses. They make different sounds when happy and sad. You should be putting baby down in the crib on his back, to reduce the risk of SIDS. You should continue to feed your baby breast milk or formula or both, as some supplementing moms do. So just sing for her, no matter what the others at home feel. They may be practicing to roll from back to tummy.

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In this video with 4-month-old babies, you can see some gorgeous babies reaching for things and trying to taste them, actually enjoying some tummy time and having fun playing with their moms. Why not bring in some excitement by arranging a playdate? Watch out! They seem to think that baby play gyms or baby bouncers are for babies — that is not for them! Read previous post: Month Top 10 Sensory Activities for your 17 month old Vroom vroom vroom… oil pressure.. They may also be able to imitate the sounds you make now, so if you say boo, they may try to say it back.

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