how to play wii u without tv

how to play wii u without tv

Jul 18,  · I don't own a TV at my current place (and don't want to), but there are a lot of games on Wii U I'd like to play. Is it a good idea to get one just for gamepad play? Or you can just play games on the controller and forget about the TV entirely – which we were surprised to find might be the most compelling way to play on Wii U. Nov 13,  · The Wii U is not designed to stream games all around your house; instead, it lets you play games in the same spot you normally would, in new ways, and to do so while making the television more Author: Richard Mitchell. Jul 30,  · 4: Turn the Wii U off. If possible, unplug the HDMI cable from the back (will allow you to skip step 6) 5: Turn the Wii U on again. When the Wii U logo pops up on-screen, hold the B button down until [x] appears down the bottom.

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It's not fair to criticize the system for a feature it never claimed to have anyway. Or Netflix, or Amazon Prime, or how you buy games digitally. In terms of quality, big meh. There's a button on the GamePad labeled "TV," and after some quick setup you can use it as a remote control. This weirded me out, quite frankly. From around the web.

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But anyway, some google searching has revealed that there doesn't seem to be a way to bypass the "enter the symbols on your TV" part of initial setup, so I guess this is a no-go for me. While playing Mario, I walked out of the living room. Nintendo's Wii U. Sadly, for me, it cuts out right around where Nintendo promised it would — 20 to 25 feet. I wanted to test an important real-life scenario, so I took the GamePad into the bathroom and closed the door. The hallmark feature of the Wii U is its tablet controller, the GamePad.

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Latest in Gaming. Maybe having the GamePad screen active in my peripheral vision distracted me, pulling my attention away from the TV? Pikmin 3 is fine without the TV, sort of. Five feet away from my desk. GamePad play should more than suffice. I wanted to test an important real-life scenario, so I took the GamePad into the bathroom and closed the door. The next game console from Nintendo is a strange beast indeed.

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