how to deal with coach playing favorites

how to deal with coach playing favorites

Teaching Our Athletes How to Deal with Sports Politics; They think the coach is playing favorites. People will also accuse parents of the athlete playing over their child of “sucking up” to the coach. If you want more playing time, show the coach why you deserve it. Star in your role and the opportunity will come for a larger one. Apr 10,  · It’s a common complaint among parents and athletes: “The coach is playing favorites.” Whether an athlete isn’t playing much or isn’t playing enough, it seems to be one of the go-to. Yes, I Do Play My Favorites – Changing the Game A coach talks about playing his ‘favorite’ kids “I am not talking about favorites when it comes to silly politics, daddy ball, parents buddying up to a coach, or even a player’s athletic James Leath. Sep 22,  · If the coach’s requests seem reasonable, encourage your child to work as hard as possible to meet the coach’s requests. Tell your young athlete to make every minute of playing time count. Encourage your child to show the coach that he or she is trying to meet his expectations. Jun 17,  · Do coaches play favorites? My friend and coach James Leath, who was my most recent podcast guest, says that yes they do. Take a few minutes to read this post. It explains what he–and I would venture to say most coaches–look for in players and Author: Janis.

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Your email address will not be published. Here are six things that will make a youth athlete one of my favorites: Punctual: I look for athletes that show up early, stay late, and do the extra work not because they have to, but because they love to! If an athlete shows up everyday, works their tail off, and shows their commitment to the team and to getting better, it is very likely they will play a lot. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It drives me crazy when parents and young athletes tell me that is not their position when I ask them to go in and try something new. Two years before that season, we won every game, including the championship. Does he want a role player, a star player? Help your child discover what the coach wants from him or her.

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I am talking about the kids on my team that are a joy to coach because they exhibit certain traits. Athletes who are not afraid to fail are free to take chances and be aggressive with their performance. But I do believe that players who commit to one sport per season get the most out of that season, are less likely to get injured, and more likely to improve. Instead, your child needs to try to understand what he or she can do to improve the situation. The Professionalization of Youth Sports.

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See what the coach is looking for in the child. That playbook is still being used successfully today by some coaches I have given it to. At the beginning of every season I hold a parent meeting where I present my goals for that season. You know what that does? Every Monday the whole team showed up ready for another week. At the end of the year party, I was brought to tears.

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