how playing an instrument makes you smarter

how playing an instrument makes you smarter

Oct 27,  · Playing a musical instrument makes you brainier Playing a musical instrument makes you smarter, it has been claimed. By Richard Alleyne, Science Correspondent. PM GMT 27 Oct Oct 13,  · Does Playing an Instrument Make you Smarter. 3 Replies. Over the course of my life, I have heard that playing a musical instrument makes you smarter, and as a potential Music minor, I would like to believe that. Music is a language of its own, and it is universally understood, so it would make sense that learning this “language” has similar. / Can Playing an Instrument Make You Smarter? the answer to the age-old question “Does learning an instrument make you smarter?” proves to be a resounding YES. Thus, if you wish to improve your IQ by a few notches, why don’t you try a good deal of your time over learning to . Jan 14,  · Whether it's due to parents bugging their kids to practice or just sheer laziness, thousands of youngsters quit music lessons before they’ve really given them a fair shot, and, sadly, thousands more never even start. But did you know that playing an instrument can make you smarter? It's never too late to visit (or revisit) the art of music. Music makes you smarter. That’s the conclusion from a recent study of children who spent at least two years learning to play a musical instrument at The Harmony Project, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit that provides free music lessons to low-income students from gang-ridden Laura Edghill.

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So, getting a guitar for your child and let him learning any songs that he loves can be so beneficial for both you and him. What if it is an accident that these scientists are superior in scientific field and also happen to play instruments? Back Today. Back Find a Therapist. All of the above, in addition to the prefrontal cortex, nucleus accumbens, amygdala, auditory cortex, hippocampus, visual cortex, and cerebellum, create a harmony of brain waves that synthesize beautifully for the most optimal brain usage possible. Friend me on Faceook. Although he might have been known as an inventor and artist, he was also a prolific musician and writer.

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Most Popular. But it is not. Read more from this writer. In a research conducted by experts from the University of Zurich, results showed that children and adults who learned how to play musical instruments hiked their IQ points by as much as seven tickers. All of these things are very important for academic performance, so can therefore make a child brighter. The Athlete's Way.

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Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. I'd bet a few dollars that playing action oriented video games does the same thing. These parts of the brain that control motor skills, hearing, storing audio information and memory become larger and more active when a person learns how to play an instrument and can apparently improve day to day actions such as being alert, planning and emotional perception. All of these things are very important for academic performance, so can therefore make a child brighter. However, I want to know whether reverse causation is an explanation for the link between these two variables. Christopher Bergland The Athlete's Way. Terms and Conditions. Follow me on Twitter.

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