guild wars 2 worth playing without expansion

guild wars 2 worth playing without expansion

Nov 28,  · Hello, My friend and I are looking into the game to see if we want to return, I played at launch but wasn't sold on the lack of endgame content which I've read the expansion attempts to fix. I can't afford the xpac atm so I was curious if the game is worth playing without the . Jul 12,  · Is GW2 worth playing without the Heart of Thorns Expansion? [Question] (self Time is less tight - curious if the game is "worth" playing without the expansion? Loved it in the past and have map completion achievement. Cheers! 17 comments; Guild Wars 2 itself is a great game even without Heart of Thorns. The restrictions are roughly. No. This article is about the content upgrades. For other possible account upgrades referred to as "expansions", see Expansion (disambiguation).. Expansions, short for expansion packs, are paid content upgrades for Guild Wars introduce new content only available for those who purchase it, including zones, masteries, and elite work as standalone products, so you can buy. War Eternal. The end is here—Guild Wars 2’s Living World Season 4 finale!

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It all really depends on what you want out of the game. I'm seeing and re-experiencing places I haven't been to in years! Of course, you will be continuously tempted to go for the PoF pack, alone due to the mounts, but until you can afford it, I don't see how you could get bored. Or I'm doing some old WBs. Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4. My kind recommendation: Well, you have it yes? Then yes, no doubt, it is worth to play the game without PoF.

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I still find the whole game very enjoyable okay, tangled depths not so much , but everything else is still fun. If you want pof just buy it for the mounts and don't expect any cool or unique rewards since it is gated behind gold sinks and or gem store. Living World Season 3 — begun July 26, , concluded on July 25, I'm in the same boat and started up again about 2 weeks ago. If you were bored and had run out of things to do it won't get any better until you get PoF. I'll get it eventually, but this month was heck on my bank account.

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At the top of it, if you also have the areas of the living stories and the first expansion pack, you have more than enough content additional to the original world to get fun. I still find the whole game very enjoyable okay, tangled depths not so much , but everything else is still fun. I ran the numbers and yes, Guild Wars 2 is worth playing without Path of Fire. Just thought I'd point that out I constantly have a toon working out world completion as a side activity. I'm sure it brought many people back to the game like me. Dreamy Lu. So yes try PoF when you can but yes until you do the rest of the game is still worth it.

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