do people still play mw2 on pc

Aug 21,  · There is less (near 0) cheaters on iw4x, a better alternative client for mw2. Head to their discord linked below for a full game download. The client is free, with a lot of improvements to the game (no painkiller, no OMA GL,) if you have any problems, the support on there is great as well. Feb 19,  · Dude. Cod4 was so much better on the pc than on consoles. I had it for the and had fun with it, but when I got if for pc, it was at a whole other level of greatness. One of my top fps games of all time. It had servers, mods, and was much more open than any cod that has come after besides World at . Oct 01,  · Yes, plenty of people still play COD4. I think most people consider COD4 mostly due to nostalgia, cause it was a massive jump from COD2. Oct 06,  · MW3, AFAIK, is close to the same situation. BO2 looks to be slightly more populated, so that's your best bet if you want to indulge into PC CoDs. Either that, or wait for AW and hope it'll be better. You're best off staying on consoles, if servers for MW2 are still up. Dec 02,  · Best Answer: Not very many. Steam stats say there were people or so at peak playing it with about currently playing. Compare this to MW3 Status: Resolved. Jun 08,  · Infact, people still play call of duty two in the ps2, and battlezone on the PC. Most games will always have enough people to play multiplayer games for decades. People even still play cod4 on ps3. Mw2 is very much alive, Open. Jul 06,  · people do play it,but it's a shame how liitle poeple play it's sad for me is the MW2 sometimes better than the MW4 COD4- the sound of the weapons is much better in this game. Generraly,the mp is not designed good enough like in COD4,the main screen for mp is total stupid made, u just can click search. Wanted to buy it cheap on G2A because it's a classic, but do many people still play the multiplayer?

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It's free. P2P matchmaking Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4. Dark Theme. I've had issues finding games, and when I did play, I came across a fair bit of hackers. Do people still play cod4 or Mw2 on Pc? Latest posts S.

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Sign up for free! Hide Images. At the end of the round, when I haven't done it at all and then see myself at the top of the table against people who have, I feel all nice and mushy inside :. Sidebar Sidebar. I was thinking about buying it again but I don't know if people play Modern Warfare 2 anymore.

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HyperWarlock Black Ops 2 is averaging , at the moment and I always find a game. Just lilke how the designers don't want you to cheat but never fix the cheat system anyway? Who else think the cast of witcher series does not look like the character in the game? No Votes: 2 Yeah i played mw2 yesterday actually. Answers Relevance. Yahoo Answers.

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