do chickens like to play in water

do chickens like to play in water

Apr 06,  · I'm sure I've seen posts in other years, where people in hot areas have given their chickens something like a baking pan with some water to wade in, to keep cool. Those chickens used it for wading. Mine usually just decide to use one of the 5 qt. water bowls. I think maybe it just depends on the individual chicken, whether they like to do that. Chickens don't sweat like humans do to cool down. Much like dogs, they pant to help stay cool. When they are very hot, you will also see them holding their wings out slightly from their bodies and ruffling their feathers to help the heat escape. Be sure they have plenty of shade and fresh, cool water when it . Nov 07,  · Indeed, it has been recorded that chickens have drowned in a bucket of water (it wasn’t recorded how they got there). Chickens that are of a calm disposition are likely to do better at swimming that those who are high strung. Like people, no two chickens are alike and what one may take in their stride another will have a meltdown over. Apr 14,  · While chickens do eat mosquitoes, they are not a primary source of nutrition. Pecking at mosquitoes is more likely to be a means of defending against mosquito bites. Chickens also like to eat snails, ticks, fleas and other species often found in the garden. You could certainly make the job a lot easier for them by removing standing water from Author: Theresa Curtis. Water. It’s always important to give your chickens plenty of access to fresh water. But in hot weather, this is even more critical. Put waterers in the shade so that the water will stay cool. Chickens may be reluctant to go out into the hot sun to get a drink – so having water in the shade is critical.

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Also we overfill the water tubs in the summer several times a day for them to have damp soil. Adapted breeds The first thing is a decision you make before you get chickens: to start with adapted breeds, that is, breeds that are well-suited to your climate. This allows the cubes to melt a little, which provides some cool moist ground for them to relax in. Those chickens used it for wading. Hope that helps you out.

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I also keep a small kiddie pool with cool water for my ducks and overflow the water to cool down my chickens. Helen on June 12, at PM. I have a backyard flock of 5 girls and when they get to hot they love getting a cool bath. Quote:I don't know, but I think this is a great idea. BackYard Chickens is proudly sponsored by:.

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The new ones are still adjusting to it but all mine from last year loved getting a nice cool shower on a hot day. I want to prevent them from getting too hot They spend all day under it, as it lowers the temperature about 12 degrees in that vicinity. Stephanie on June 13, at PM. No, create an account now. Show Ignored Content. We later built an addition on it of wire with a tin top.

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