can you play wow on a macbook

can you play wow on a macbook

Jun 24,  · So yes, you should be able to play WoW on a model 13" MacBook Pro, since it is WAY better than any of those machines I used to play it on. It won't play as well as it would on a machine of equally-recent vintage with a discrete graphics processor, but it will work. Aug 21,  · Best Answer: Absolutely World of Warcraft can be played on a Mac. A few friends of mine, and several guild members, are WoW-playing Mac users. No special edition of the software needs be purchased - the install for both PC and Mac are on the same CDs. Check out the official system requirements on Status: Open. Apr 16,  · Blizzard World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Product No Longer Available No Answers have been submitted. Apple Product Details; Can I play WOW on the Mac Book Air? Shop and Learn Open Menu Close Menu. Mac (Shop and Learn) iPad (Shop and Learn) iPhone (Shop and Learn) Watch. Jan 03,  · WoW is cpu intensive and you can more or less run it on a potato. Everyone i know who owns a macbook pro has eventually had to either change their coolingsystem (which is really bad and considering the uni-body design - shit gets really hot) or buy a gaming computer. Obviously macbooks weren't meant to really run games. Jan 07,  · I currently play WoW on my 13" MacBook Pro, with GHz i5, 8GB of RAM and Intel HD MB; so I think I might be able to provide some input! I typically play with everything on low, shadows off, water as low as possible. The only thing that I have really high is my textures and those are typically on good. We can happily play World of Warcraft, We've ruled out a fair selection of Macs, so now let's look at some Macs that you can consider if you want to play the latest 3D games. 15in MacBook Pro;Author: Cliff Joseph. Feb 10,  · i have a Macbook pro that used to run WOW PERFECT back in well now it blows, (obviously the game is a lot more demanding now) and i was wondering if anyone here plays on a newer MacBook pro? My job is ALL ABOUT APPLE, so i can get any Macbook at 75% off as long as i use it for "company use" aka wow at home:) Let me know your thoughts. Can you play World of Warcraft on a MacBook Pro? If you happen to have a more “average” MacBook, say a inch MacBook Pro with integrated graphics, you should still be able to easily run this game. Our inch MBP can run the game at a comfortable FPS. As long as your MBP is from or newer, rest assured it will run World of.

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Everything is separate, so if you want to keep the same addons, settings, etc. Contents [ show ]. A Mac is never going to be as good for gaming as a dedicated Windows PC, especially for the price. The format and quality of screenshots can be changed via the screenshotFormat and screenshotQuality config variables. Galaxy Squad.

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Yes 10man will run perfectly fine, however 25man will be a bit laggy but it's normal.. He had to prop it up on a stand and have a fan blasting it from below and even then it would thermal throttle like crazy while churning out FPS in the teens with dips to single digits all the time. If your character appears to have become invisible, scroll out by dragging a finger across the mouse from front to back. Moderators online. Blizzard offers a support forum for Macintosh-specific problems on WoW. First world problems.

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Your email address will not be published. Lost Region. But I would suggest in the future finding a gaming mouse that better works with your Mac. No special edition of the software needs be purchased - the install for both PC and Mac are on the same CDs. Im a new pc gamer, what games should i play.? Depending on your goals, there are three common ways to go about doing this:. Last edited by Saphyron; at AM. However, by installing an extra program such as MagicPrefs or Better Touch Tool , the mouse can be programmed to act as if it has more buttons, some of which WoW will recognise. You can also choose whether or not the screens mirror each other on this tab.

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