can you play softball with a baseball glove

can you play softball with a baseball glove

Softball gloves are a bit wider than baseball glove. Webbing. With baseball gloves, there are more choices for webbing design. Softball gloves do not have as many choices, other than closed webs for pitchers. This is changing as softball players can order customized gloves with their favorite styles of webbing, stitching, and leather. Using the wrong glove can create problems. Softball players who play at competitive levels would . Since a softball is larger than a baseball, a softball glove will be larger than a baseball glove. However, this doesn't mean that you can't use a baseball glove for playing softball. Nov 17,  · Can You Use Baseball Glove as a Softball Glove? The softball is significantly larger than the baseball in size. Along with that, the weight is also more than the baseball. There is no problem that you can’t use a baseball glove as a softball glove. You can easily catch softballs by using a baseball glove. Apr 22,  · I disagree with the should use a baseball glove, but agree with the can part. The pocket is going to be a little bit different. If I was at a box store and needed a glove and a baseball glove was the best fit I would not hesitate to purchase it. If I was purchasing a glove over on the Internet, I would purchase a softball glove. May 08,  · Technically, you can use a baseball glove in slowpitch softball, but fielding may be a major issue because the balls used in slowpitch leagues are much larger than a baseball. Softball glove patterns are larger to accommodate catching the bigger spheres Bako. Nov 16,  · While there is no rule against playing slowpitch softball with a baseball glove, we would not recommend buying a baseball-specific model to play primarily slowpitch softball with. Now if you already have a baseball glove and are just looking to recreationally playing slowpitch, no need to worry, you’ll be just fine. Sep 26,  · Baseball gloves are different from softball gloves because softball gloves are larger and are easier to close because the ball is scottdwebgraphics.comll gloves are made of a thicker more expensive leather that is more durable because the ball is smaller. Baseball gloves are different then Softball gloves by design and Open. Mar 29,  · Using a softball glove can be done but if it's broke in for a softball the baseball will bounce around in the pocket a lot. Plus it sounds like it's quite a bit bigger than what you're used to, tryouts are probably not the best time to attempt it.

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Since My DD uses a smaller than a 12" glove they are sometimes harder to find and I have compared it to the A baseball gloves and the only difference is the wrist opening and the finger stalls are slightly wider on a baseball glove VS a fast pitch glove. The glove is described as game-ready, but it is only natural that some breaking in might be needed. Got it. Yes, you can use a t ball mitt for softball. The comfort is additionally supported by the elastic strips available on the sides. Approach Wedge Vs.

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Posts: 9, Agree with oilf. I was 32 yrs old. A large heavy glove makes this more difficult. Get a new baseball glove or don't let your sister use it.

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Apr 22, 0 N. Thanks, guys. Started by mfun Yesterday at PM Replies: 0. Baseball gloves are different then Softball gloves by design and size. The Velcro strap is in charge of ensuring that the glove is the right fit.

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