can you play metroid prime 3 with a gamecube controller

can you play metroid prime 3 with a gamecube controller

Aug 24,  · (Only if you are % sure about this) For Prime 1+2: Has the gamecube controller compatibility been replaced by the wireless controls, or are wireless controls an optional extra addition? Prime 3: Does Prime 3 now have the option to use the gamecube controller?91%(48). Jan 01,  · But trust me once you play it with the new controls you'll never want to go back to using the GameCube controller for the Metroid Prime games. Really? I heard it was better with gamecube controls. I only started getting into the Metroid series during the past week. I played and completed Fusion, Zero Mission, and Super scottdwebgraphics.coming System: WII. Sep 06,  · Can I play Metroid Prime 3 on Wii with my GameCube controller? Mini Spy So I was wondering if it's possible to play Metroid Prime 3 with the GameCube controller on . Dec 27,  · Emulate the game on Dolphin if you really just can't stand the Wiimote, you can map the controls however you like on whatever keyboard/mouse/usb controller you like. I personally use a GC controller to TAS tings in Trilogy/Corruption, I've also messed with a keyboard/mouse setup (not the greatest for morph ball movement). Apr 15,  · Best Answer: Yes, you can use the Wii-mote and the Gamecube controller as much as you want in Metroid Prime 3, as well as a number of other games which have spawned from franchises that had previous releases on the Gamecube and N This includes Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Super Smash Bros., and the Open. May 08,  · I'll add my custom controls to this description if people want it. This game is insanely well played with the Steam Controller. On Ishiruka Dolphin with certain settings enabled, the game holds at. Feb 07,  · I wish they would've made prime 3 for GameCube. I tried the GC and wii versions of Prime 1 on dolphin emulator and the GC version was much easier to control. On the wii version I couldn't stand having to move the crosshair to the edge of the screen to move the camera view, whether using a controller or keyboard/mouse. Jan 08,  · Metroid Prime 3 with GC controller! Should this game give you the option to use a GC controller? Even though this game is receiving positive previews,I believe .

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Metroid: Samus Returns. For reference, mp3 plays way better with lock on free aim on, while mp1 and mp2 play much better with it off, because mp1 and mp2 and aren't designed to really require a aiming outside of lock on. Gamecube the c stick makes switching between weapons so easy that you can do it mid battle witch makes the shooting more fun instead of worrying about stabilizing your hand and finding the perfect spot for the wii remote. Don't have an account? Source s :. Question about disc updates with HB.

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And never Touched them. I don't buy things to not own them. List results:. Existing questions. User Info: LimblessQuasar.

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Answers Relevance. The Trilogy might be hard to find though as it was discontinued a while back but but it is definitely worth a purchase if you can find it. If you put a bit of time into "getting" the Wii controls for the game, it's far superior. Answer Questions Did the nintendo 64 come out in ? Posted September 4, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and some other questions? Wasn't the Nintendo 64 and it's games still being sold in the early s? Actually being able to properly aim is a nice touch, and it just feels so much more fluid.

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