can you play blu ray on regular dvd player

can you play blu ray on regular dvd player

Jun 24,  · Other Types of Discs You Can Play on a Blu-ray Player. Blu-ray player manufacturers have also included the ability for their units to playback standard DVDs, and this is expected to continue. This means that your current DVD library is playable on a Blu-ray Disc player. To play a high definition DVD, you need a high definition DVD player. There are two types available currently. HD DVD, developed by Toshiba is one and BluRay, developed by Sony is the other. Dec 26,  · No damage will result to the disc or the player. It’s a little bit like what would happen if you tried to play an audio cassette tape in a CD player. Unless you’re an elephant, there’s little or no damage you can do to your machines this way. The answer is no. But there is still one way to go for you to watch a Blu-ray movie on a DVD player, and that is to convert the Blu-ray to a DVD. DVDFab Blu-ray to DVD Converter is a fantastic converter tool which can convert and burn a Blu-ray movie to a DVD disc that can be played well on a regular home DVD player. Apr 29,  · Best Answer chosen by philray Yes, blu-ray players will play standard Video DVD's, not to mention audio CD's as well. Apr 08,  · Same here, I think most all Blu-ray players have this capability built into them. Just to be sure that the Blu-ray drive can indeed play regular DVDs, you should be able to verify on the box if it is new (or website of the manufacture if you're buying used) before you purchase.

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Just to be sure that the Blu-ray drive can indeed play regular DVDs, you should be able to verify on the box if it is new or website of the manufacture if you're buying used before you purchase. Discussion Type. Will region 1 bluray discs play on UK ps3? However, they deliberately have to build this capability in, including a separate laser pickup in some cases the blue laser won't work properly for regular DVD. There have been a handful of DVD players that did not check the region code and would play discs from any region. Hot Topics Copy and burn DVD Convert youtube video to mp3 How to rip blu ray Burn blu ray Free Video Downloader Free YouTube to MP3 Video Downloader Tool mp4 to mp3 mkv to avi flv to mp4 edit video download music from youtube free video converter uhd vs hdr mov to mp4 mkv to dvd play dvd on xbox one uhd to blu-ray burn blu-ray mac video to mp4 play blu-ray on xbox one dvd to digital 4k blu-ray player vhs to dvd youtube to mp4 iso to dvd blu-ray to mkv blu-ray to mp4 mp4 to wav uhd copy uhd to video 4k video player uhd burner youtube to mp3 rip dvd burn dvd mkv player copy dvd dvd ripper blu-ray copy software rip blu-ray blu-ray to dvd dvd to blu-ray dvd maker blu-ray burner remove drm remove Cinavia protection. A shorter wavelength "blue laser", which is required to read the smaller pits where audio video information is stored on Blu-ray Discs.

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Robert Silva has written about audio, video, and home theater topics since By using Lifewire, you accept our. But it won't hurt to try. Can you play bluray videos on regular DVD players? You need a BluRay player that specifically says it can read 3-D disks.

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Can regular dvds play on 3d blu-ray player? Just what does an upconverting player do? Bluray players and drives on the other hand can use DVD discs as well as Bluray discs. Some bluray players will up-convert the standard definition image from or lines up to lines but although the format is HD, the image quality still remains standard definition. Most region 2 discs will play without a problem in a UK player. Off Topic. Can play Blu-ray discs directly? However, Bluray players have analog outputs to allow a standard definition signal to be connected to non HD televisions. Note that this coupon is only valid till: Jul 22,

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