can you play an electric violin without an amp

can you play an electric violin without an amp

Mar 27,  · Try this: plug an electric guitar into an amplifier and stand close to the amp. Strum a chord - then adjust the amp until some of the sound is feeding back. How does it feel? If you are like me, the reinforced vibration between the amp and the gui. Nov 19,  · Playing electric bass guitar, without amp Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Burialist, Nov 19, Page So i am willing to play on electric bass guitar, without amplifier for month or two if that is possible. You can get by without an amp for practice, but . Both the Yamaha Silent Violin and Electric Violin are considered “electric” – what’s the difference? Answer: It comes down to function. With a Silent Violin you have two functions: practice with headphones, or you can plug it into your amp. A Yamaha Electric (YEV) Series violin has one main function – plug in and play amplified. In. Certainly an electric guitar amp is an important thing to have. But it is also important to know how to amplify an electric guitar without an amp. Sometimes you simply have to choose between getting a really good guitar now and waiting for an amp, or spending the same money for two pieces — and [ ]. I have the Yamaha YEV and I play it all the time without an amp. I used to play a cheap Cecilio and I also played it unplugged. It's not 'an extremely strange sound balance that'll likely throw you off entirely'. Of course running either through an acoustic amp is better but you can wait and buy the amp later. Without an amp, the electric violin is almost impossible to hear. It is like rubbing a bow on an elastic is because the box where the sound usually gets amplified does not exist on the. You can even use your favorite shoulder rest with the SV for maximum comfort and playability. This is a great electric instrument for intermediate to advanced violin players. Q. Can I simply use my acoustic violin as an electric? A. Yes, 'Classical' instruments may . Frequently Asked Questions However, there is plenty of sound for you to play and practice without an amp. Return to FAQ Index have dealers in many areas this is the best way to truly experience what a Vector Electric Violin could do for you. I suggest that you schedule the trial so that you can use the instrument at a practice or gig.

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Can an acoustic bass guitar be loud enough - for being played together with an acoustic guitar - when used without an amp? Before he played the cello, he learned to play the violin and alt violin, so yes he can play violin. Find us on social media as well! What does an electric violin sound like with an amp? Starting with an acoustic foundation will make it easier for you to get into the creative side of playing electric when you do decide to make the jump.

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Pickup: The pickup on the violin will have a huge impact on the sound quality. There are many ways and resources available to someone that is looking how to learn how to play the violin. It creates the illusion of a room, from a bouncy glass and tile bathroom tone to a dark chocolaty sea of reverberations that can go on forever. It is harder to play the violin. My teenager is excited to get an electric violin.

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Chocolate Bars in my Secret Stash. Thank for the information. You can,but it is not recommended. A very well designed electric guitar itself without an amplifier is barely audible. The drastically different design means that you have to play the instrument differently to get dynamic changes. No absolutely not the bridge is what transfers the vibrations of the strings into the hollow inside of the violin resonating the sound, if you were to play it without the bridge it would sound similar to an electric guitar without an amp. Do electric and 'amplified acoustic violins' sound the same?

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