blade and soul how to play on korean server

blade and soul how to play on korean server

The way around it is you must have a valid Korean Phone number, which is used for a lot of online payment systems in Korea as well. OP can get a phone number and be able to register with that. Getting a phone number is a little bit annoying though, as it requires you to have a Alien Registration Card. Nov 04,  · Regional Server Merge: April 24th. Rules. This is a summary of the rules for this sub. To find an in-depth version, please go to the wiki. Please stick with content related to Blade & Soul; Please use the search function before posting a question or request. Chances are . Begin a heroic journey to confront dark forces and seek vengeance as a master of the martial arts in Blade & Soul, the free-to-play MMORPG. Blade & Soul is a martial arts fantasy MMORPG developed by NCsoft's Team Bloodlust studio. The game has stylish art style and character designs from famed artist Hyung-tae Kim, and will feature lush environments, a fascinating story about revenge, and instense console style combat. How to play Blade & Soul (BnS)? KR Official Version. If you happen to have a Korean NCSoft account or have a friend with one that you can borrow, you can download the test server by downloading the main NCLauncher on the site. Once you load the launcher, click on the Blade & Soul Tab on the launcher. Dec 14,  · Over 4 years after launching in South Korea to immense success, NCsoft today converted Blade & Soul from the original Pay-to-Play mode to Free-to-Play together with the first part of the massive Winter Cinderboy. Blade & Soul (블레이드 앤 소울) is a high fantasy martial-arts themed MMORPG or ‘massively multiplayer online role-playing game’. Players progress by taking part in the game’s rich story, dungeons and intense player versus player activities.

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I followed this video and i could play on Japan BnS. In the resource monitor window, select the Network tab where you are going to be presented with a list of applications that are currently utilizing your network connection. You can buy them from other sites as well, such as NewGameWay. I have had no luck but that also may be due to my lack in ability in reading Korean well. It's free. New Text Post.

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We can't assist with technical issues. Korean games need an i-Pin so you either have to get one yourself or pay someone to make an account for you. I consider it an import fee of sorts. Does any know from experience or anything like that I can play on BnS from here in Korea on the Korean server with my US login credentials? Free and you don't need a KSN.

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An editor by profession and a passionate gamer. You can check out the screenshots posted for more detailed instructions. Question is it possible to play on korean server? Create an account. New Link. If you are using Kill Ping while playing Blade and Soul, the program is going to display your current ping in the main window and will also help you reduce your ping to the game server using our effective routing and sever relaying. You should download the client for the game in question while you wait, as it will likely take some time.

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