4 out 1 in motion offense set plays

4 out 1 in motion offense set plays

Here are several set plays that you can run out of the 4-Out offense: Big, Big, Big-Left, Big-Down, Big, Big-Double, Loyola, Florida, Double, Scissors, Loyola-2, 53, 34, 13 and 24, Black, Curl, 14, weave-screen plays, Purdue, and Penn. "Big"-Series The "Big" series of Author: Dr. James Gels. In teaching our 4-Out system, we first teach the basic offense, and then add a few of these plays as the season progresses. Here are several set plays that you can run out of the 4-Out "High" offense: Topside and Counter, Flash, Slip, Swing, Fist, and the Weave-Screen scottdwebgraphics.com: Dr. James Gels. Jan 18,  · 1 dribbles towards 4 near the left slot and as that action happens, 4 moves to set a corner pin down screen for 2. 2 curls around that screen cutting to the basket and can receive the pass from 1 for the layup. This 4 out, 1 in motion style offense is not a patterned or continuity style offense, rather a set of rules designed to give your players the ability to read and react to the defense. This offense is easy to learn yet hard to perfect. Jun 29,  · 4 out 1 in motion can get very complex. For youth teams, you can start by simply teaching the basics: spacing, post and perimeter rules. After a couple of seasons together, you can start introducing some of the more advanced scoring opportunities. Teaching the basics will already allow your team to run this scottdwebgraphics.com: Coach Keith. 4 Out 1 In Motion Offense Jr. Wizards 04/18/ This 4 out, 1 in motion style offense is not a patterned or continuity style offense, but rather a set of rules designed to give players the ability to read and react to the defense. May 07,  · Basketball Plays: 4 out 1 in By Coach Brian Williams on May 7, These 2 4 around 1 quick hitters are among the Swing Offense quick hitters included in Trey Watt’s eBook on the “Versatile Swing Offense.”Author: Coach Brian Williams. Playname: 4 out and 1 in motion offense. 1. This play is a motion play that works against a man to man defense. In order to use the play you will need at least four players that are pretty good ball handlers. The play can start on either side of the court. The two players that are at the top of the key I will refer to as the guards.

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This can either be a call from the bench, or a signal from the players on the floor holding up a fist, etc. Diagram 5 Here we see 1 setting a down screen after passing to 2. The most recent example of a coach successfully using the 4 out 1 in motion is Jay Wright at Villanova who led the Wildcats to the championship in the — season. A straight cut will involve the player filling the spot that was occupied by the player setting the screen. The screener 1 would replace out to the right wing. Explain to your players that any time their defender has a hand in the passing lane whilst the player with the basketball is one-pass away and looking at you, you must back cut immediately.

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With all the movement in the offense, the defenders will be constantly closing out late. Additionally, players on the perimeter should look to either cut to the basket or set a screen whenever possible. One of the perimeter rules is: If you think you can beat your defender off the dribble and get to the ring, do it! Here we see 1 cutting after the pass to the corner. The screener would then roll to the rim after the hard fade. At the same time, 2 cuts to the right slot area by way of stagger pin down screens set by 3 and 4.

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Post players must earn the right to be allowed to flash to the basketball and create a shot for themselves or a teammate from the post. On a slot to wing pass, the slot 1 will make a hard basket cut. The wing 2 replaces the slot by cutting through the elbow. Strengths Teaches Players How to Play Basketball — This is the most important trait I look for when choosing a youth basketball offense. This is a great opportunity to get the basketball inside from the wing.

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